Sunday, 21 February 2010

Day #52 - Broken Lamp

Day #51 - Broken Lamp

Now that I'll be moving next week I'm starting to look at this house and remembering some funny episodes I lived in the past few years. Like this broken lamp that I fell on top a few year ago when arriving from a students party... Had too much drinks.. :D


  1. I think that you should keep that broken lamp to remember your good days when you were a student! You should take a picture to some bed sheet too :)
    It is a nice picture and a great idea!

  2. I hope that was an 'enlightening' experience :)

    Nice exposure - I like the effect on the curtains.

  3. rlol, I like the fact you have not tried to fix it and kept the memories. Looking forward to a photograph of the move!


  4. Great angle and I'm happy you survived the fall.