Monday, 14 January 2013

Day #014 - Park at Night

Day #014 - Park at Night

Today was a really long day! I had to wake up at 6am to work and arrived now (11:20pm). I spent more then 5 hours driving from my work place to Lisbon and back. When I was coming back I stopped at a park in the highway and it was all I had to shoot. Here it is. :D


  1. Did you use a tripod or is this handheld. I think its really sharp if you didn't use any tripod. Great shot, like it!

    1. I had no tripod with me. It was getting late and I still had no photo for the day so I had to stop at this park in the highway and shoot. I used ISO 1250 and f/1.8 to be able to shoot without the tripod.
      I shot it because, besides the fact that I really needed a photo :D, with this yellow lightning and at night it gives you a not very common perspective of the park. It's also a little bit scary too...