Thursday, 17 January 2013

Day #017 - Raining...

Day #017 - Raining...

Embracing a 365 days photography project is already a painful and difficult process... If that wasn't enough the weather isn't helping. It's been raining all day...


  1. Did you shoot manual mode or auto-focus? I love the idea a lot, and was surprised your first comment on flickr, was about someone with a similar shot in the past.

    I like the composition, but I don't know if my taste is a bit different. i think I would have focused on either the drop or the light, but I think you went exactly for this look.

    All in all nice job!

    1. I used auto-focus and I did a few shots. This was the one I liked the best. Actually the original idea was to focus the drops... :D It turned out this way, but I confess, not on purpose. :D
      Thank you for your comment!

  2. We're all here to learn, but a good tip I've been following is, get the shot right at the scene and avoid regrets and save a huge amount of time. Every shot is unique and can never be retaken.